We hope your 2014 is going well and you're set to read and share some great books!

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In alphbetical order (ignoring the "The"s)...

And the Mountains Echoed   The Kept   The Goldfinch   The Good House

The House Girl   The Husband's Secret    The Interestings   Lexicon

  The Kept   The Other Typist  

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The Invention of Wings   The Kept   Radiance of Tomorrow   A Star for Mrs. Blake

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Tangled: A boxed set of historical novels   The Ascendant   In the Blood   Shovel Ready


And the Mountains Echoed   Andrew's Brain   The Life List   Y


Ready Readers is a St. Louis volunteer nonprofit organization that annually trains, places, and supervises more than 550 volunteers to read weekly to more than 8,000 preschool children from low-income communities in the St. Louis area.  The same volunteer reader always reads to the same children, allowing the children to associate a special person with the fun of reading.  Six times during each school year and once in summer, volunteer readers also give the children personalized new books to take home for further enjoyment. Click here to learn more about Ready Readers.


We are excited to be teaming up with buildOn.org to LITERALLY build a school in the name of Literacy! Click here to learn how you can help build a school in Haiti.


Self-published authors are constantly getting the advice to "hire an editor" before they publish. This is great advice. GREAT ADVICE! If you do not do this you should "go directly to jail; do not go pass go, do not collect $200" on your way. Period. End of story… or is it?

Personally, I don't think hiring just a copy editor goes far enough. Not only do you need an editor to go through and make sure your grammar and punctuation are correct, but you also need, what I call, a CONTENT editor (sometimes called a development editor). Which is usually a whole different kind of animal and skill set from your regular editor (not always, but often enough).

So what is a content editor? Find out what a content editor is here.




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