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Your Book Is Your Business - An Open Letter To Authors Everywhere
Created By: Nicole McArdle - Pubslush

Dear Author,

Let me begin by saying, congratulations. Congratulations on making it as far as you have in your writing process, whether it’s typing that first sentence, or finishing that last chapter. I understand the journey has been an interesting one, to say the least. Drafts, edits, plot twists, writing sessions that went so long into the night that the words started to blur and your coffee cups started piling up. Writing, if you can believe it, will be the easy part. Getting your work out there to the world will ultimately become the real challenge.  Click here to read the rest of the article.

Self-published authors are constantly getting the advice to "hire an editor" before they publish. This is great advice. GREAT ADVICE! If you do not do this you should "go directly to jail; do not go pass go, do not collect $200" on your way. Period. End of story… or is it?

Personally, I don't think hiring just a copy editor goes far enough. Not only do you need an editor to go through and make sure your grammar and punctuation are correct, but you also need, what I call, a CONTENT editor (sometimes called a development editor). Which is usually a whole different kind of animal and skill set from your regular editor (not always, but often enough).

So what is a content editor? Find out what a content editor is here.

5. What is your perfect day as an author?
It would start with a walk along the beach. A pirate ship whips around the edge of the cove, cannons blazing. I see a small rowboat, hard at it for shore. The boat is hit, but miraculously, a fiesty girl and a rattled old sea-hand escape out just in the knick of time. They make it to land, and I run to help them up. Cannon fire drives us from the beach. The old sea-hand is hit. He grabs my arm. "Get 'er to the Duke of Pompeii!" he mutters. "She's the only one what can save the city!" I grab the girl's hand. She swings, bulleting me in the stomach with a doubled fist. "Who are you?" she screams. "You're not taking me anywhere!" Luckily, I've a stump of pencil and sheaf of paper in my back pocket. I pull them out and frantically begin to write... Click here to read more of the interview.

Author Holly Robinson Should You Publish Your Own Novel? My Story So Far
By: Holly Robinson

After writing five novels without selling any of them, I lost heart. What was I doing wrong? I had sold many articles and essays to national magazines. I had a terrific agent (and still do). I was a ghost writer who regularly penned celebrity memoirs. I had even sold a memoir of my own to none other than Random House, the Big Daddy of Publishing. Yet I couldn't sell a novel.

“Maybe you're no good at fiction,” my inner child whined... Click here to read the rest of the article

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