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What makes BookBundlz different?  Our BB Book Clubs get their own private book club page that contains a fun easy to use management tool.  Join us for a tour through the Sample Club Page to your right and see all the great benefits you receive. It works for all book clubs – "get together clubs" or on-line clubs. So sign up today and have fun!

But you have to be a member (Clubie) first, so if you have not done so yet, 

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Every book club will have the choice of keeping their book club page private- open only to it’s members - or making it public and sharing information with the other book clubs.  If you choose to make your book club public, your personal contact info will NOT show on the public version of your page.  Your usernames would be the only identifier of your members. 

Basic Book Club Page...

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It is optional to make your Book Club's page public or not.