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BookBundlz is a one-stop resource that caters to book clubs and book enthusiasts, provides a stage for authors and engages in the cause of literacy and education. Choose from our options below to get started on your BookBundlz experience.

Note: If you join as an individual you can always sign up a
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Your membership includes:

  • Your own Menu page – to navigate your BookBundlz experience.
  • Eligibility in BB’s reward points (for participation on BB)
  • The ability to enter our giveaways and contests.
  • Book Depot – aka. “Free Books” – This is a super fun program that is coming soon and gives you access to free books!
  • The option to keep your Personal Page private or set it to share with your fellow members.
  • Your Personal Page allowing you to track or share your thoughts on all things books.
    • A “quick reference” bookshelf with all your past reads and ratings
    • A page to share your full book reviews. Remember, your reviews help your fellow readers a ton, so please share your thoughts! (Plus it earns you points in our rewards program!)
    • A notes page where you can share your thoughts on topics of your choosing with your fellow book lovers (Like a mini-personal blog in a book loving community.)
    • A photos page to give you even more ways to express yourself and share with your fellow BookBundlz members
  • BB Book Club – Not in a book club? No worries - follow what we read and join in our online book club.



Your book club set-up Includes:

  • FREE individual memberships for your book club members
    (See the full list of goodies included in your membership under the “Individual membership” box.)
  • Your own Book Club page for organizing your club.
    • A “quick reference” bookshelf with all your past book club picks.
    • An easy way to schedule (and reschedule) your book club meetings and send out the official invites.
    • A membership page that allows you to keep all of your member’s contact information coordinated and easily available.
    • And “Email all your book club members” option. (No more CCing all 20 emails of people in your club and hoping you did not forget anyone.)
    • A handy place to keep your book club notes and ideas. Like that delicious chocolate cake recipe that Jamie made or that list of “great book club books” you received from your friend in a different book club.
    • A place for shared photos that all your book club members can enjoy!
  • Easy access to great book club and book resources

The book club set-up fee must be paid upfront in one payment. Responsibility of your members is specifically up to the book club. Most Organizers treat this fee like a restaurant tab, sharing it with the group members.


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