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Looks Easy Enough: A Joyful Memoir of Overcoming Disease, Divorce, and Disaster
Scott Stevenson
Added: 6/14/2010
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Looks Easy Enough: A Joyful Memoir of Overcoming Disease, Divorce, and Disaster
Date Posted: 6/17/2010 | Go To Book Page

There's nothing better, in my opinion, than spending a leisurely evening with new friends and hearing their story; not just their experiences but also how they responded and what they learned. If you feel the same, then grab this book and spend a few evenings with Scott Stevenson and his wife and family. Get comfortable and open your mind. Prepare to let your other plans slide, because you'll be brushing your teeth with this book in one hand and staying up late to read just one more chapter, oh, maybe just one more after that ... 

Scott Stevenson worked hard as an architect in Southern California, saved his money, and at age forty-six married Susan and retired. His plan was to design and build their home in the Cuyamaca Mountains east of San Diego. Scott's personal philosophy underpins the book: what he calls seeing the Big Picture of Life, the Magic. He believes that we "choose" our experiences because we have something to learn from them, and that our goal in life is to learn and grow until we understand the Oneness of all things. Scott closed his business and entered a new phase of life with energy and got ready to build. 

Looks easy enough so far, right? 

The first and most devastating challenge was his wife Susan's breast cancer. Next on the bumpy path, Scott's sister Beth went through a harrowing divorce, with Scott and Susan deeply involved in helping Beth and her children through the ordeal. During these hectic four years Scott and Susan were also watching their retirement investment dwindle and eventually vanish in the downturn of the NASDAQ. And of course they were building a house--actually building it themselves, with the help of the Family Crew: Scott's 78-year-old mother, sister Beth, and her two pre-teen daughters. 

Again and again, things that "look easy enough" turn out to be full of trouble; but Scott and Susan handle it all with love, calling on their belief in the Big Picture to see them through. When their new house is threatened by the 2003 firestorms tearing through Southern California, it seems like the last straw. Who could possibly "choose" that experience? 

Looks Easy Enough: A Joyful Memoir of Overcoming Disease, Divorce, and Disaster is full of love, laughter and inspiration. Scott and Susan don't just survive all the adversity, they embrace it and come through smiling. You'll smile too at the house-building adventures, the details of Susan's treatment and triumphant return to full health, and through it all Scott's buoyant belief that it's all about learning and growing. The easy conversational style delivers an exceptionally well-structured story--Scott makes writing a book "look easy enough!" Reading this memoir is like spending a few evenings with warm and wise new friends. Highly recommended. 

Linda Bulger, 2010

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