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The Unbreakable Child
Kim Michele Richardson
Added: 1/19/2010
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The Unbreakable Child
Date Posted: 1/19/2010 | Go To Book Page

Kim Michele Richardson has written an engaging memoir, heartfelt and heart-wrenching, about growing up in a Catholic orphanage where she and her older sisters endured years of abuse at the hands of the nuns to whose care they were entrusted. The book also chronicles the lawsuit brought against the orphanage by Kim and forty-four other survivors. My heart went out to Kim's little-girl self, reading about what she lived through. My heart also went out to the adult Kim, fortifying herself with courage to face such a harrowing past. Despite those terrible growing-up years, Kim survived and grew into a woman of great strength and compassion, planting her feet firmly on the road to healing and to helping others. She never lost her capacity for joy, and she was able to find it in her heart to forgive. Don't miss this book. It is a deeply touching account of the indomitable nature of the human spirit.

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