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The Unbreakable Child
Kim Michele Richardson
Added: 1/18/2010
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The Unbreakable Child
Date Posted: 1/18/2010 | Go To Book Page

This book is unbelievable... My heart aches for the little girl that was Kim and her and three sisters. I just want to hold her, hug her and love her. I didn't get to sleep until well over 2am as I was writhing with sickness in my heart for Kimmi and the other children. I knew there was evil in the world. Of course I knew that. After reading this account, I feel so, so so helpless. There is no other way for me to express what I went through yesterday, experiencing Kim's childhood with her. I thank god for her husband. I thank god for Mr. McMurray, her attorney. And I thank god that Kim had the strength to be unbreakable. God knows I would not have been that strong. Kim Richardson has grown into this beautiful, amazing, mother and wife and charitable human being. I am just humbled, humbled to have read this story. And might I add that Kim is a most AMAZING writer. Absolutely incredible, fantastic. She is a very, very talented women. This book gets 5 stars.

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