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April & Oliver: A Novel
Tess Callahan
Very Unleashable
Added: 12/7/2009

Starvation Lake: A Mystery
Bryan Gruley
Did not read yet
Added: 4/1/2009
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April & Oliver: A Novel
Date Posted: 12/7/2009 | Go To Book Page

Since my first review vanished, this will be much more brief. This book falls neatly between the real romance genre (not the bodice ripping/fabio type, but that with buidling sexual tension and for those seeking the HEA ending) and contemporary fiction that explores a range of topics, including some that are not too comfortable. I like romance and I enjoyed the pain of wanting what was unattainable, both in the love story and even the need and desire to fit into a "normal/happy" mold but all the characters who were well fleshed out, beleivable. While the nuerosis in April was evident from the start, and interesting thing took place, a see-saw effect as Oliver descends further into despair as April begins to emerge from her grief. Bernadette too struggles her own battles, appearing to have it fully together, she contributes to her own loss by seeking to live in denial. The juxtapositoin between current day and character memories was executed with talent and precision. I love romance, but I appreciate a deeper read as well and I feel this author delivered both. The ending was took my breath away. That's all I can say...not one more word.
Very Unleashable

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