Daft Bat

By Jeanne Willis & Tony Ross
Publisher:Sterling, (9/2/2008)

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Is Bat batty—or does she just see things a little differently?
The trouble begins when Bat moves into the neighborhood. All the animal children want to welcome her with a special gift—but then Bat shocks them by asking for an umbrella…to keep her feet dry! Soon, it’s clear to everyone, from little Lion Cub to tall Giraffe Calf, that she always gets things upside-down and wrong-way-round. Only when Wise Owl suggests a change of perspective does everything become clear to Bat’s young friends. And kids get to share Bat’s unique viewpoint, too, when they flip the book over to read the upside-down text in this cleverly formatted book.
Adorable animals, and an important lesson charmingly taught, will make this story a favorite.
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"Daft Bat"
By Jeanne Willis & Tony Ross

Average Rating:

This book has not been rated

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