Murder in the Latin Quarter (An Aimee Leduc Investigation, Vol. 9)

By Cara Black
Publisher:Soho Crime, (3/1/2009)

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“Yes, Cara Black fans, Aimée Leduc is back. This is the ninth of Black's novels about the chic, indomitable Parisian detective, and it has all the elements Black's readers have come to cherish: an engaging protagonist with a likable sidekick (her diminutive partner, René Friant), cops who hinder more than they help, villains with murky motives, grisly crimes and, above all, the unique Parisian atmosphere.”-San Francisco Chronicle

“No contemporary writer of noir mysteries evokes the spirit of Paris more than Cara Black in her atmospheric series starring P.I. Aimée Leduc…The fearless, risk-taking Aimée is constantly running, hiding, fighting and risking her life-all while dressed in vintage Chanel and Dior and Louboutin heels.-USA Today

“The ninth mystery in Cara Black's irresistible series set in Paris…might well be the book we've been waiting for. Aimée Leduc, Black's adorably punkish sleuth, is in her element…One of this colorful series's most scenic itineraries.”-The New York Times Book Review

“Kinsey Millhone turned loose in Before Sunset…In Leduc’s ninth outing, Paris, as always, sparkles in all its gargoyled, dusty, cobblestoned glory.”-Entertainment Weekly

A Haitian woman arrives at the office of Leduc Detective and announces that she is Aimée’s sister, her father’s illegitimate daughter. Aimée is thrilled. A virtual orphan since her mother’s disappearance and her father’s death, she has always wanted a sister. Her partner, René, is wary of this stranger, but Aimée embraces her and soon finds herself involved in murky Haitian politics leading to murder. The setting is the Latin Quarter on the Left Bank of the Seine, in the old university district of Paris.

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"Murder in the Latin Quarter (An Aimee Leduc Investigation, Vol. 9)"
By Cara Black

Average Rating:

This book has not been rated

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From Publishers Weekly
Two weeks after Princess Diana's death in Paris in 1997, an illegal Haitian immigrant named Mireille walks into Aimée Leduc's office, claiming that Aimée's late father was also her father. Before Aimée can learn more, Mireille disappears, leaving only a cryptic note with an address in the Latin Quarter, the setting for Black's twisty ninth Aimée Leduc investigation (after 2008's Murder in the Rue de Paradis). At the address, an old building housing a comparative anatomy research facility, Aimée finds the corpse of a well-dressed black man with his ear cut off. The complex plot, which involves Haitian politics, history and culture as well as world trade and geopolitical corruption (not to mention Aimée's quest to discover if Mireille is really her half-sister), at times threatens to overwhelm the book. Still, Black creates an indelible portrait of a Parisian neighborhood as she explores how the past continues to collide with the present, with unpredictable and far-reaching results. (Mar.) 
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From Booklist
Black returns to two of her favorite themes in this latest Aimée Leduc novel: immigrants in Paris and the family history of her heroine. As usual, Aimée, a computer-security analyst forever entangled in murder investigations, finds herself balancing paying clients against freelance sleuthing, and this time the mystery involves a Haitian woman who claims to be Aimée’s sister. Is Mireille really the offspring of a long-ago liaison between Aimée’s late father and a Haitian woman, or is she somehow part of a scam connected to Paris’ Haitian community? The body count grows as Aimée follows the trail through the Latin Quarter and the Sorbonne to what may be an international scandal involving aid to Haiti. Black’s ability to combine the landscape of Parisian neighborhoods with the intricate politics of the city’s many immigrant communities is what gives this series its appeal, despite the somewhat formulaic plot structure. Aimée’s ongoing search for her father’s murderer and any trace of her vanished mother adds depth to the stories, and that family angle is heightened here with the possibility of a sibling. A solid outing in a dependable series. --Bill Ott 
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Cara Black is the author of nine books in the Aimee Leduc series. She frequently visits Paris but lives in San Francisco with her husband and son.

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