Three Graves Full

By Jamie Mason
Publisher:Gallery Books, (2/12/2013)

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3.00 out of 5 (2 Clubie's ratings)

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For fans of the Coen brothers’ films or for those who just love their thrillers with a dash of sharp humor—an engaging and offbeat story about a man driven to murder, who then buries the body in his backyard only to discover that there are two other shallow graves on his property.

There is very little peace for a man with a body buried in his backyard.”

With this memorable first line, we meet Jason Getty, a regular guy in every mild sense of the word. But extraordinary circumstances push this ordinary man to do something he can’t undo...and now he must live with the undeniable reality of his actions. And just as Jason does finally learn to live with it, a landscaper discovers a body on his property—only it’s not the body Jason buried.

As Jason’s fragile peace begins to unravel, his life is hitched to the fortunes of several strangers: Leah, an abandoned woman looking for answers to her heartbreak; Tim, a small-town detective just doing his job; and Boyd, a fringe-dweller whose past is about to catch up to him—all of them in the wake and shadow of a dead man who had it coming.

With the tense pacing of a thriller and the language and beauty of a fine literary novel, Three Graves Full heralds the arrival of a stunning new voice in fiction.

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Ceci's thoughts on "Three Graves Full"
updated on:4/11/2013

This thriller tries to rise above the rest with complex characters, non-human points-of-view, and by boosting the fright and gore to 11. Sometimes it works. Jason, disagreeable, disgruntled, and altogether unlikeable unraveling into self-preserving panic as grave after grave is discovered in his yard, and then evolving into something . . . better.  Sometimes it doesn’t. Dog-human telepathy? Plot holes, coincidences, and oversights the size of sinkholes. Yes, this was one intense thriller, but the only the thing that has stuck with me after reading it is the nursery rhyme that apparently inspired the title. Get out of my head black sheep!    

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Book Junky's thoughts on "Three Graves Full"
updated on:3/26/2013

This book was pretty good, but seemed to have multiple personalities (3 to be exact). Part one was this intense story where we feel tons of tension, and get the understanding of how a man can be driven to kill another. Very interesting and at times hard to read as the writer was really able to make you feel what the guys was going through. The second part read with the intensity of the first, until I watch part of an episode of "Threes Company." Part two turned into a comedic play or sitcom without the comedy. It was all misunderstanding and heightened thinking about "how bad things will be if X happens" and all I could picture was how Jack thought one thing was going on and Janet thought another and "oh my, look at the mess everyone got in because no one was communicating!" So there was humor in the second part of the book for me, but I don't think it was intensional at all. Then tilt your head as far as you can to the right (my dog does this when she is confused)- the third part of this book turned into "The Art of Racing in the Rain" and the dog's thoughts seem to dominate everything… when we had not heard a whimper from her before. Again, intense writing, but now I had "Threes Company" and "Art of Racing in the Rain" in my head which really made all the intensity just kind of fly out the window and I could not help but laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. And, IF this is going to be turned into a series with this detective… ummm, you might actually want to show him playing a part in the detecting and not just stumbling on things. He was kind of lame as a detective. I will say, the writer shows a lot of potential. That is why I am giving this a 3 instead of a two. She just needs to nail down the type of book she wants to write before writing it. 

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"Three Graves Full"
By Jamie Mason

Average Rating:
Unleash it
3.00 out of 5 (2 Clubie's ratings)

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