The Trunk Key (Kindle Single)

By Carolyn Nash
Binding:Kindle Edition
Publisher:, (3/15/2012)

Average Rating:
Do not Unleash
1.00 out of 5 (1 Clubie's ratings)

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On her way to work, for one terrifying instant Jennifer Canfield sees a tiny hand in the trunk of a car that barely misses slamming into her van. A doll? A child? With no time to think she must act and so begins a non-stop, breathlessly suspenseful journey to find the truth and possibly save a life. Stephen Baron, a road construction worker, joins her in her pursuit of a possible kidnapper through the hills of California. And where the chase ends reveals exactly how courage and love can show up when we least expect them and change everything.

From Leland Dirks, author of "ANGELO'S JOURNEY" and "SEVEN DOGS IN HEAVEN: ...Listening to her heart, against the advice of her brain, Jen takes off on an adventurous chase on California backroads where more than the story of the chase is hidden.

Ms. Nash masterfully sets the stage, sculpts believable characters, and sets them free on the page to discover whether their heads or their hearts are more reliable allies in this fight between good and evil.

Your heart wants you to read this book. Before you've turned very many pages, your brain will be glad, too.
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sheenashyla's thoughts on "The Trunk Key (Kindle Single)"
updated on:5/13/2012

This is a short novel that started off good but middle was slow and I just couldnt get into believing this but stuck with it til end.

Do not Unleash

"The Trunk Key (Kindle Single)"
By Carolyn Nash

Average Rating:
Do not Unleash
1.00 out of 5 (1 Clubie's ratings)

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