The Skeleton in the Closet (Fellworth Dolphin Mysteries)

By M. C. Beaton
Binding:Mass Market Paperback
Publisher:Minotaur Books, (3/15/2002)

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3.00 out of 5 (1 Clubie's ratings)

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Ever since the death of his father, poor Fellworth Dolphin has slaved away as a waiter to support his miserly, cold-hearted mother. When his mother suddenly dies, Fellworth is shocked to discover that she has left him a sizable inheritance. Confused, Fell teams up with Maggie, a plain girl with a similar background, to investigate the source of the riches. But what they find is a closet full of skeletons.... Is it really possible Fell's father was involved in a long-ago train robbery? Who's the mysterious woman in the portrait hidden in his mother's wardrobe? As Maggie and Fell poke around the village for answers, they find themselves on a surprise-filled path to danger and adventure, and-just possibly-love. But Fell's sudden good fortune could come to an abrupt end if he doesn't stay one step ahead of a cunning killer...AUTHORBIO: M.C. BEATON, Scottish-born author of the highly successful Agatha Raisin novels and Hamish Macbeth series, lives in a village in the English Cotswolds.
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Alice_Wonder's thoughts on "The Skeleton in the Closet (Fellworth Dolphin Mysteries)"
updated on:12/28/2009

I enjoyed this book but not as well as I enjoy the author's Hamish Macbeth series.

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"The Skeleton in the Closet (Fellworth Dolphin Mysteries)"
By M. C. Beaton

Average Rating:
Unleash it
3.00 out of 5 (1 Clubie's ratings)

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