Violets Are Blue (Alex Cross)

By James Patterson
Binding:Mass Market Paperback
Publisher:Vision, (10/1/2002)

Average Rating:
Very Unleashable
4.00 out of 5 (1 Clubie's ratings)

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Fans of James Patterson's resourceful cop Alex Cross will be relievedto find that he's back on familiar territory with Violets Are Blue--and,more importantly, that this is one of the best Alex Cross thrillers yet.The malign criminal genius of Roses Are Red is fixing to giveAlex a hard time once again. The FBI joins Patterson's dogged cop in aparticularly unsettling investigation: two San Francisco joggers have beenviciously murdered and are found suspended by their feet, with all the blooddrained from their corpses. And when further brutal deaths follow in Californiaand on the East Coast, Alex is forced to contemplate the bizarre possibility ofmodern-day vampires, although his instincts point him to one of the manysinister religious cults that flourish on the West Coast. Aided by JamillaHughes, a streetwise young woman detective from San Francisco, Alex finds thathe has to crack not one but two impenetrable mysteries to stop furtherbloodletting.Patterson fans expect the extremely concise, page-turning chapters (116 of themhere!), along with a reluctance to dawdle over details of his hero's personallife, and both characteristics are firmly back in place. If you can resistreading this one in just a few sittings, you deserve some kind of a thrillerreader's medal. --Barry Forshaw,
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Very Unleashable

"Violets Are Blue (Alex Cross)"
By James Patterson

Average Rating:
Very Unleashable
4.00 out of 5 (1 Clubie's ratings)

The Gentleman
The Gentleman
By Forrest Leo

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About the Author
James Patterson published his first thriller in 1976 and since then has become one of the best-known and bestselling writers of all time, with more than 140 million copies of his books sold worldwide. He is the author of the two most popular detective series of the past decade, featuring Alex Cross and the Women's Murder Club, and he has written numerous other #1 bestsellers. He has won an Edgar Award - the mystery world's highest honor - and his novels Kiss the Girls and Along Came aSpider were made into feature films starring Morgan Freeman. His charity, the James Patterson PageTurner Awards, has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to individuals and groups that promote the excitement of books and reading. He lives in Florida.

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