From a Heavenly Land: Eliza's Story

By Cathy Slusser
Publisher:CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, (4/16/2013)

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As German immigrants in 1843, the Atzeroth family embarked on a journey in life upon the west coast of Florida, the southern side of Terra Ceia Island, where hope and expectations led to disappointment and despair at every turn. As their faith carries them through, it’s Eliza who finds that the Florida frontier brings her to the end of her faith, only to find it renewed and restored again through the unforeseen tragedies she endures and overcomes. She finds unexpected hope and strength through the leader of a Seminole tribe, a horse, and a runaway slave.

Though life is filled with tragedy for Eliza, and it appears that hope has abandoned her, it becomes evident that clearly God has not.

This gripping and inspiring true story of one woman’s life on the Florida frontier is based on historical documentation that will lead you into an experience of the life of Florida’s pioneers from the 1840s through the Seminole Wars, the Civil War and Reconstruction. In her riveting debut novel, Cathy Slusser, a professional historian in Manatee County, Florida, takes you through a powerful story of one family’s hopelessness that yields way to redemption through faith.

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"From a Heavenly Land: Eliza's Story"
By Cathy Slusser

Average Rating:

This book has not been rated

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