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Book Reviews BB Style
Created By: Ceci

Normally if you were going to write a book review you would:

1. Introduce the type of book, the scope and the author

2. Write a quick overview

3. Tell us what you thought of it

4. Summarize your thoughts 

But on BookBundlz, we are recommending you do it BB style... which means, no need to do steps 1 and 2, as that info will already be on the page. Step 4 is redundant, so not necessary. That leaves step 3 as the only part that is really important and worth doing. Step three being where you are slinging and dishing about what you thought of the book. 

That's what we want to know anyway. "Did you like it?" and "Is it worth my time?"

So for our reviews, we recommend that you get to the good stuff and let us know what YOU thought of it.

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