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"The Official Book Club Rules" was written by Nick

The Official Book Club Rules According to Nick
Created By: Nick

Rule 1: If you are the host get good munchies. Try to stay away from chips. Sure everyone likes them, but they can be a bit loud and distracting.

Rule 2: Again, for the host:  Clean your place so people don't know that you normally have a stack of half read magazines on the coffee table, dog toys all over the floor and remember to lift the toilet lid to make sure it is clean (especially if there will be any men coming). I can not tell you how many women's houses I have been to who have missed that spot!

Rule 3: Pick good books if it is your turn!! Definitely check out all the good content on BookBundlz. Cause a lamo book makes people dread when it is your turn again.

Rule 3.5 Addendum to Rule 3: If you feel you have chosen a lame book by mistake, you MUST provide an extra special dessert to make up for it!

Rule 4: What happens in Book Club, STAYS in Book Club. (except your review)

Rule 5: Read the book before book club night! Nothing worse then hearing "sorry, I didn't finish the book" and having someone either:a. ask you what happened. This is not a test and we are not in high school and I will not help you cheat!

b. sitting there like a bump on the log just staring at everyone. 

If you haven't read the book, but still show up, listen and add the occasional, "ohh" "Hmmm" "interesting" or something to that effect.

Rule 6: If you can't make it to book club every so often, that's fine. But there should be an agreed upon cut off from the group. Like, if you miss 3 in a year for no real reason you are out!


More rules will be added as we go. I, Nick, have appointed myself "Official Book Club Rule Master of the Universe" and intend on sending out additional rules as they come up. If you find yourself in a rule dispute, please feel free to contact myself for an official ruling on the play. Please note all punishments decreed by myself MUST be followed no questions asked. So for instance if you have been found guilty of picking a lamo book (especially if there are several reviews on BookBundlz warning you against this) you may be instructed to do one favor per club member in your club whenever they request no questions asked. That includes babysitting and shoveling. Consider yourself warned!

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