Tips for Setting up a Home Library for Your Kids
Created By: Dawn Little

Have you ever wondered if your children’s books could be set up differently at home? Do you think about ways to make it easier for your child to find and read his books? Here are a few tips to help you set up a home library for your child:

1. Make books accessible for your child. Keep them low and easy to reach.

2. Consider placing books in easy to move baskets, instead of standing them up on a bookshelf. Placing them in baskets makes it easier for your child to find a book he/she may be looking for. It’s much easier for a child to choose a book by looking at its cover, rather than the spine. If you need the space, consider placing some books upright and others laying flat, as seen below.

3. Consider organizing books by genre or topic. This is also made easier by baskets. Each basket can hold its own genre of books! If your children are old enough, consider having them help you sort books and determine genre.

4. Include periodicals in your home library. Children love receiving mail and periodicals provide additional opportunities for children to read for different purposes.

5. Don’t feel confined to one area! Place “mini-libraries” on every floor of your house. We have small book holders in our basement playroom, bookshelves in our first floor family room, and each child has bookshelves (overflowing with books!) in their bedrooms.

Organizing books can be a hefty feat, but if you use a few of these tips, you may find that you’ll have an organized home library that your children flock to!

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