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Hot Tip: "Current Book Club Book Displayed"
Created By: BookBundlz

Wondering how to add a book so it shows up in the area "Current book club book for "my club"?

Follow these easy steps:

1. Click on "add an event" button in the Calendar of Events.
2. As you fill out the event screen, be sure to search and select the book you are reading.
3. After you complete the screen and save the event you will see the book jacket and the opportunity to buy now in the box on your book club page.
4. It will also automatically show up in your "currently reading" book shelf.

Please note:
If you add the book to your currently reading book shelf first, it will not show up in the current book club book area on the right. You must follow the steps above for that to happen. If you get a duplicate book on your shelf because you have utilized both can remove one of the books from your shelf through the re-shelve function.

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