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Best Books of 2009, or 12 days of Christmas (Revised by BB)
Created By: Sam


Sure you could go with the traditional 12 days of Christmas gifts, but most of us don't live on a farm, so let's look to the books! We can come up with better gift ideas than 4 calling birds for Pete's sake...

We decided to recommend some of the best books of 2009 (and some before 2009 that are still making a stir) that would be better than those farm animals and such for holiday gifts.


The Help

12. Twelve drummers drumming
Now that would be loud! Here are 12 notable best seller books to beat your drums to instead:

True compass

11. Eleven pipers piping, 
Let's get our pipes, look all colligate like, and peruse through these Non-Fiction type books:

Time Traveller's Wife

10. Ten lords a-leaping, 
How about books a-leaping onto the movie screen? Read it before you see it:

Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie

9. Nine ladies dancing, 
Here are 9 inspiring lady authors/characters who we think it would be fun to go dancing with:

Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters

8. Eight maids a-milking, 
Oh, come on, get with the times! Try vampires, zombie or some other kind of monster a-milking the blood out of their victims. Check out these creepy creature books:

Starvation Lake

7. Seven swans a-swimming, 
The swans are swimming with the fishes... just like some of the characters in these mystery books:

April & Oliver

6. Six geese a-laying, 
How about we go "a-laying" with some romance books instead and get:

Under the Dome

5. Five golden rings, 
How many books are there in "The Lord of the Rings"? Anyway, try these 5 Sci-Fier Fantasy books:


4. Four calling birds, 
Calling your momma to tell her a better team to root for than the one you like! We're calling out, stomping and shouting for sports! Get your sport on with:

Animal vegetable Miracle

3. Three French hens, 
Are these cooked French Hens? How about you pick up some already plucked ones and a copy of:

Half teh Sky

2. Two turtle doves, 
Why does it sound like that should be a chocolate to me? Probably because you can get those turtle chocolates with the nuts and the caramel, AND there are Dove Chocolates. For sweetness & peace's sake:

Downtown Owl

1. A partridge in a pear tree! 
We voted amungst ourselves, debated, and decided - our FAVORITE BB Book Club pick of the year was:



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