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"Summer Time" was written by

Summer time and the living is easy... seriously? 
Created By: Ceci

Summer can be fun-fun-fun, but it can also be ba-izzy! There are festivals, family reunions, camping trips, amusements parks, shooing the kids away from the TV/Internet/video games, sail boat races, the summer romance, soccer and art camp for the kids, margaritas by the pool, the weddings, fund raising walks, picnics, beach outings, golfing, oh yeah, and that little thing called "work" too. 

For how much we think summer will be lazy days swinging on the hammock pouring through our books, there is always a ton of running around going on. Trying to coordinate all those plans with your fellow book clubies can be darn near impossible sometimes (especially if you have the kids around all the time). It's no surprise that many book clubs opt to skip meeting during the summer months. 

But what if you still want to keep up with your fellow Clubies and the latest books, just maybe not have such a structured club meeting to have to coordinate and prepare for?

We've got some ideas to keep you going through the summer months....

1. Plan a fun evening out NOT around books

You could go to a baseball game, a nice diner, Ravinia (if you are in the Chicago area), plays, live music, movies in the park, or plan a game night (just your Clubies or include the whole family). Whoever can make it - can make it. Best part is there is no pressure to get the book done in time.

2. Create a Saturday afternoon escape

Mani Pedi anyone? It's summer, your toes are exposed. Why not make them pretty and catch up at the same time? Get your group together for an afternoon of pampering. Even better, check with a spa/hotel in your area. Many time if you get a massage or facial you may be able to spend the rest of the day hanging poolside. My recommendation - the Four Seasons in Westlake Village, CA. Can you say, HEAVEN!!!! Plus those cute waiters will bring lunch right to your pool chair. You may even get a little reading in while you are there.

OR, make your afternoon sporty! Take it to the links! Why can't the book discussion take place on the golf cart between swings and swigs? Golf isn't your thing, how about a friendly game of kick ball or baseball? 

OR, if you don't want to give up your wine either, take a wine tasting tour! It's not just for California anymore. Boutique wineries are popping up all over the country. For instance, Door County, Wisconsin has over 5 wineries packed into all that gorgeous scenerie. Pack a picnic (rent a limo if you can) and discuss your book between tastings. Yummy!

 3. Still want to read? Create a summer reading list for your group

If you can't seem to coordinate getting together, but still want to keep up on your reading. Create a summer reading list for your group so when you can get back together you will have PLENTY to talk about. "Which was your favorite?" "I didn't get to this one, is it worth reading?" 

P.S. BB, has lots of great lists to help you. Including Indie's Summer Reading list and Oprah's. Check them out under our "Great Book Lists" on our "Best Sellers" page.

4. Read around an exhibit at your local museum

Try reading a little non-fiction, about whatever is being exhibited at your local museum. Then plan a day with your reading group AT the museum. If one of the clubies can't make it when the whole group goes, they can go at their leisure and not feel left out.

5. Making reading time a family event

Find some family focused books that the whole family can read together (and the adults will still enjoy). Sitting by the camp fire reading a book together can be a great bonding experience whether it is in your backyard or on a camping trip. Or turn that long car ride up to Grandma's into story time with an audiobook. Bring the kids to your regular book club night to join in the discussion. You may be surprised at what gems of insight you can learn from their perspective on things.

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