"No Time for a Book Club? WHAT?" was written by Reese

No Time for a Book Club? WHAT?
Created By: Reese

We’ve all heard it or felt it before - the “I barely have time to eat much less read…so how can I find time for a Book Club?” Ah….but a book club is actually multi-tasking for your life!

It’s all in your perspective.  In reality book clubs help you to have the well-rounded and balanced life we all look for.  You get:

A Pre-Scheduled Social Life
“It’s been awhile since I talked to or I haven’t seen so and so forever”….. how often do we say that? Let alone the guilt that goes with that! Book Club is all about the social experience. Whether you get together regularly with your closest pals or you share on-line - you are communicating and visiting with others.  

Goal List Item #1:  Enjoying your friends and meeting new people. Check

10 meals a year YOU don’t have to cook
Who has time to cook?  But if you had 6 people in your club and you met every month. That means you would only have to get the munchies together twice a year. And YOU get 10 nights where you don’t have to cook a thing! And on those one or two nights every so often when you get to entertain you get to do it like you always meant too. Haven’t you been wanting to try out that new recipe or try out that new restaurant that delivers?

Goal List Item #2:  Spend less time in the kitchen. Check

Goal List Item #3:  Try new recipes or dishes. Check

However many times you host your bookclub? You can get the house clean at least once or twice a year. You know you have been waiting till company was coming before you mopped. Well company is coming and man does the place look good afterwards!

Goal List Item #4:  Keep the house cleaner. Check

Adult time
We know you love your kids, but spending that much time with your kids is bound to drive anyone a little crazy at times. With a book club night scheduled you know you have one night a month for YOU and your adult sipping-wine-and–giggling-like-you were-in-college-again self! Plus since you know when it is every month you can prearrange plans with your spouse or a sitter. No last minute scrambling needed!

Goal List Item #5:  Relax and catch up with friends without having to tie anyone’s shoe in the middle of the conversation. Check

Get more exercise
Hop on the treadmill and read while your walking. You’ll get through a few chapters before you know it.  You feel refreshed , have cleared your mind of everyday things and maybe read something great.  If you can’t read and exercise at the same time add on ten minutes to read while you cool down.  Who knows, you may find yourself getting so into the book you don’t even realize you’ve been exercising for longer then you planned. Yeah, skinny butt jeans! Another bonus: is some peace and quiet to yourself. Ahh!

Goal List Item #6:  Get more exercise. Check

Unwind and forget about the to-do list
When do your read it?  How about 10 or so pages a night. Just enough before you wake up with the light still on and the book has fallen on the floor. 

Goal List Item #7:  Get a better night of sleep. Check

Expand your Horizons
In Book Club you often get a book you would never choose. You hate the characters or you love the characters. You agree or you disagree. You laugh, maybe cry, or maybe your thoughts drift off and you read a sentence over and over. Either way, “Wow what a world that just got opened up to you!”

Goal List Item #8:  Learn about new and different things. Check

Take a load off
How do I keep everything straight with all the things going on in a day much less a month?  I forgot who’s hosting and/or the name of the book?  Was I supposed to bring something for someone?  What’s do they live?  I forgot to buy my book…don’t have tome to go to store  or I have to pick the book this month.  Ah….BookBundlz has all of our club info.  

Goal List Item #9:  Get more organized. Check

And low and behold being in a book club = a well balanced life.

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What is your favorite thing about a book? Immersing myself in the moment....

What is your "love to re-read" book? or What is your most dog-eared book? ... hmmm.... I would have to say Louise Hays You Can Heal Your Life.... its a great book... and probably one of my all time favorites that I go back to again and again to provoke thought and renew my inspiration.

What are you reading now?.. Still trying to get through "Under the Tuscan Sun"..... it's gotten kinda dull for the moment.... plus I'm always reading several books at the same time... so another one is always on my nightstand - "Laws of Attraction" which I'm trying to get through. I go in spurts when I read... lots then little.. right now its little..

If you wrote one book what would the plot be? That's a good question... I've always got things in my head about writing, though I have been told I should write the story of my life... since I've done so many different things....and I always have an entertaining story behind the several bizarre events.... Always making light of each situation... It would be a satiracal comedy... that's for sure!

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