March 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

Green is least here at BB headquarters in Chicago...that's the way it happens. The river is dyed green and everybody is Irish for a day (actually more like a week). Thankfully the weather is nice for celebration too. We might even have a spring this year! Speaking of which - we are springing lots of fun things on you this month...

1. Our first rollout of "BB 2.0" - A New, Easier to Navigate Book Page
We just rolled it out today. Since we wanted to get this out to you ASAP, please note we will be continuing to test and may have a few remaining tweaks before all is said and done. (See BB Buzz below for more info)

2. EARLY registration for the next "The Book Pick" Contest!
We had such a great response with so many great books last time that we are more than excited to get started again. (See "The Book Pick" below.)

3. We also have included a BB Survey
We know we are on the right track as we get so many great suggestions and comments regularly from our Clubies... but we thought we would give you an even better opportunity to let us know what you think and give you a chance to earn a prize to boot!

We hope you enjoy the changes, and your St. Patrick's day!!

Raising a glass of green beer to the new book page,
All of us at BookBundlz


Calling all Authors: the Summer Book Pick Contest is on!!!
Enter to be our BB Club House Book Pick, get lots of exposure for your book, and more!

"EARLY" Early Registration officially begins today!

We are seeking America’s greatest undiscovered books that our book clubs will LOVE! So we want to know about all the books that maybe aren't getting on Oprah's or the Best Seller lists, but SHOULD BE! We want to help YOU get the word out to book clubs about YOUR book! We have over 2700 members and 450 clubs (and growing) in our community and we are looking for the next best books to share with readers. As one of our faithful BB Clubies, we wanted YOU to be the first to know about our "Early" Early Registration.

"Early" Early Registration for Summer 2010
Starts March 16th and ends March 25th -
$25 + the Best Seller Treatment FREE ($55 value for $25)
Click here to learn more about "Bestseller" Treatment


Early Registration for Summer 2010
Starts March 26th and ends April 11th - $25 (no Best Seller Treatment though)

Regular Registration for Summer 2010
Starts April 12th and ends May 8th - $35

Click here to learn more about "The Book Pick" Contest.

BB 2.0 rollout has started! 
Check out the NEW layout for the book pages!

Introducing the tabs... with our new layout, we have made it easier for you to navigate the information you are looking for as you research books. The BIGGEST bonus with the new book layout - the discussion forums are SOOOO much easier to use! We are so excited to get the dialogue about books moving.

As we are rolling out this page today...please note that there will be a few changes, fixes and tweaks to come. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

Click here to let us know what you think of the new layout!

More new pages to come! Including function upgrades for book clubs...

(All pages are in production and subject to changes from the images above.)

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Thank you to all of you who have already signed up! Look for your "First Look" email in the near future!

Our March Book Pick for our
BB Book Club

Blonde Roots
Buy now from:
Why Blonde Roots
By Bernardine Evaristo?
How interesting does this twisted history sound? Let's try turning things on end & spinning them around this month
Read the buzz that people are already saying....

Check out our Wine Pairings
to go along with Blonde Roots

Book Club News:

Invite an Expert to Your Mother-Daughter Book Club Meeting  
by Cindy Hudson

Have you ever thought of inviting someone other than the author of the book you read to your book club meeting? When you think about the topics covered in your book and who may be able to give you more information about them, you open up a world of possibilities for guests to invite. For instance, when the members of a mother-daughter book club near Chicago read the book Hoot by Carl Hiaasen, they invited a naturalist from a nearby forest preserve to attend their discussion. He brought a real, live owl, and was able to talk about owl habits and habitats. Click here to find out more about inviting an expert to your book club meeting

Book Clubs for Preschoolers  
by Dawn Little

Book Clubs are nothing new. Since the inception of “Oprah’s Book Club” people everywhere have participated in their own book clubs. Then the idea trickled down to classrooms and literature circles popped up, essentially a book club for students. Honestly, literature circles may have been around before Oprah! I think they just became a more accepted way of teaching since Oprah. More recently, children have begun to participate in book clubs outside of school, for pleasure! How wonderful is that! I’ve heard of adult book clubs, teen book clubs, and book clubs for elementary readers. . . all independent readers. But what about our smallest readers? Our pre-readers deserve book clubs, too. Click here to learn how to start a book club for preschoolers.

Our Other Monthly Features Include:



Before I Fall
Before I Fall
By Lauren Oliver


By Wendy Mass

Literacy News:

We will be spotlighting an organization each month that makes a difference in the world to promote literacy. Our first spotlight will shine on one of our favorite partners in the Chicago area who do an amazing job of reaching the entire community.


Open Books is a nonprofit social venture that operates an extraordinary bookstore, provides community programs, and mobilizes passionate volunteers to promote literacy in Chicago and beyond.

We love the creative and innovative programs that Open-Books is implementing. Check out the following....

Join the Open Books Associate Board for ReadOn 2010!, the first annual read-a-thon to raise money for our programs! Get the details and get started now.

Oh, if the whole world could read, what a world it would be!

Author Advice:

Click here to check it out our new Author News page!

Understanding Traditional and Self-Publishing Differences
By: Todd Rutherford

The publishing world has experienced change over the past several decades as all industries have, but the next 10 years will be a cocoon altering it into a different species altogether. Many major print publishing houses have either merged, or acquired smaller houses, and the net result is that there are fewer traditional channels for getting your book published. However, this only means that the nature of the challenge of getting a book published has changed. It does not mean that the challenge has become insurmountable.
Click here to learn more about traditional publishing vs. self-publishing

Why You Should Consider Becoming an Bestseller  
by Sally Shields

any of you either have a great idea for a book, or you’ve already written one. You may be in the process of self-publishing or have a few hundred of them boxed up in your basement or garage, or sitting on Amazon, ranked in the millions. You’ve given away a few copies to your family and friends. Very nice. Now what?

One strategy is to use Amazon and best seller status to sell more of those books and I’m going to tell you about some the steps I took to get there so that you can apply them to your book. Click here to learn how to get YOUR book on the Amazon Bestseller list.

Congratulations "Shananish" - you are our winning "Gold Medal" Book Clubie!!! She was nominated by "Sinny" who told us she deserves a "Gold Medal" for book clubs because:
"I would like to nominate, clubie... shananish! She is the core of my book club, she organizes our meetings/field trips, she's the first to start discussions, she's always on BookBundlz! She reads more books than any clubie I know. She is very kind and generous, greatest addition to my book club."

Her name was drawn from our "contestant hat" to win! Our "Gold Medal" receipient will receive copies of:

Wildwater Walking Club
By Claire Cook

Final Finesse
By Karna Small Bodman

and Sinny, the winning nominator, will receive a signed copy of...

Cause and Conscience
By Mara Purl

Enter to Win...

New Discussion
Questions Available:

The Postmistress

The Postmistress
By Sarah Blake

Girl Sleuth: Nancy Drew and the Women Who Created Her

Girl Sleuth: Nancy Drew and the Women Who Created Her
By Melanie Rehak

Dear American Airlines

Dear American Airlines
By Jonathan Miles

Cooking for Harry

Cooking for Harry
By Kay-Marie James

Born Under a Million Shadows

Born Under a Million Shadows
by Andrea Busfield

Find more discussion questions on our discussion questions page.

Hot finds for Book Lovers

Books in the Movies

The Last Song

The Last Song
by Nicholas Sparks

Alice in Wonderland

Alice In Wonderland
by Lewis Carroll

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Diary of a Wimpy Kid
by Jeff Kinney

Club house Discussion

New Discussion Topic:

Where do you land on this debate?
Do you prefer E-Readers, Printed Books, or Audio Books?

Click here to get in on the discussion and let us know what YOU think.


Do you have a topic you would like to discuss? Don't be afraid to start a discussion topic of your own. The more the merrier, if you ask us. Either on the BB Club House discussion board or on a book page there are lots of good places to start discussions.

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