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We can help with that! Choosing the right book for your next book club can put the pressure on, and send you scrambling to the internet searching for reviews. BookBundlz has reviews AND it allows you to check out the thoughts of book lovers and book clubs from all over. Find out what they thought were the best books, add your thoughts, or check out our lists of best sellers on our Search Books Page.

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BookBundlz is a new social website designed to help you...

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• Research your book picks
• Keep track of what you have read (and liked)
• Get feedback from others on their picks
• Remember your book club member's birthdays and special events
• Share and keep track of your fun ideas from your meetings
- recipes, wine suggestions, great shops and web sites links
• Get more out of your book discussion with suggested questions
• Keep up on the “Hot Finds” in the book world
• or find the perfect club for you!

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P.S. Your presence and involvement on the site also helps to stamp out illiteracy!

BookBundlz is your one stop resource for book clubs, reading groups, and book lovers! BookBundlz offers ways to keep up on the bestsellers, research your books for your next book club gathering,
find reading guide discussion questions, share your rating and book reviews with other book clubs and book lovers, find book clubs and reading groups in your area to join, and a way to manage your book club in one spot.
All for FREE! We are also proud to support and campaign for literacy, aid authors in promoting their books, and keeping the world informed about books! Welcome and enjoy!

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